your baby, your way.

In this day and age, I feel like moms and dads alike get scrutinized for their parenting choices whether it comes from friends or close family members. “You shouldn’t _____ because _____.”

Some days I wake up ready to take on the day with the girls in my loving arms, and other days I want them at an arm’s length because I barely slept and they won’t stop whining. I know babies whine and cry, but sometimes it’s too much. I’m allowed to be annoyed. If your kid is annoying you, don’t feel bad. It’s normal.

I breastfeed as much as I possibly can, but that doesn’t stop me from making them a bottle of formula throughout the day if I need to or gasp, WANT to. As long as they are eating well I don’t care where the nutrition comes from. I will NEVER shame a mother for how she chooses to feed her baby. Unless it is your baby’s nutrition, it’s none of your business. Period.

If the girls are visibly tired and I put them down in their crib, I let them fuss for a few minutes because I know they’ll fall asleep. I refuse to pick them up at every little noise they make because if I do, they won’t nap or go to bed, and they will be one thousand times crankier as the day or night progresses, and it’s harder to get them to sleep if they’re overly tired. I also know the difference between fussing and full-fledged crying. If you are one of the parents who refuses to ever let your baby cry, that’s cool. That’s what works for you.

I LOVE cloth diapering. I think it’s great for the environment and great on the bank account. If you don’t have the patience or simply don’t want to, that’s totally cool. I am not secretly judging you for using disposable diapers.

Last thing, I also really believe in baby wearing. If you don’t like it, haven’t tried it, or are simply uninterested in the subject, by all means, carry your baby around in your arms, their car seat, or stroller. Whatever you want, dude!

All of the things I mentioned above are things I constantly see being debated over, yet what works for one family might not work for another, and that’s what you need to understand. Unless a child is in physical danger, opinions on other parenting choices are absolutely NONE of your concern and should be kept to yourself. Society is bad enough, we don’t need any extra mom/dad tyrants calling other parents out for not doing x,y, or z like they think they should be.




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