Here’s to you, ladies!

If being a mom has taught me anything, it’s that playing the mother role is hard work. Not physically hard, but mentally. You’re constantly on demand (especially if you’re breastfeeding), you’re constantly being watched, you’re constantly being asked to share your food, you can’t take a shit or shower in peace… do I need to continue? Because I can. 

I wanted to do something a little different on my blog for mother’s day because well, sometimes you just need to hear how amazing you are, and all of you definitely are amazing women and mothers. At least these people in your life seem to think so:

“We met when we were only children, and through all sorts of adversities, we now have a child of our own. While managing to keep our marriage strong, you have helped him blossom into a kind and wicked smart young man. I know there are days when your energy is low and Parker doesn’t want to listen, or I am acting selfish, you feel like you are’t as appreciated as you should be. Katie, you are the glue that holds our house together and keeps it running smoothly. You are amazing and I hope you always know how thankful we are to have you as our queen.” -James

“Sarah, I’ve never met a person whose heart is so open to a child that isn’t theirs. You’ve stayed awake long hours of the night with her while she was sick, you’ve taught her things that have blown her mind, and you’ve truly loved her no matter what. Bella is the luckiest child in the world to have a woman as amazing as you.” -Justin

“Lindsey is a great mother in a lot of ways. Not only is she hardworking and dependable, but she is a great teacher to our daughter. What I love most about her role as a mother is that I always know our daughter is taken care of when I’m not around. She always puts her first and has great motherly instincts. I couldn’t have asked for a better mother to our child.” -Notice

“As a mother, Terrin is someone who brings warmth and comfort to our family, she adds value to both our son, and to her significant other. She can be tending to our child, while cooking for the family. She has maternal intuition, and the knowledge of an encyclopedia. She has the endurance of a marathon runner. She has an unconditional love for our son. I am the luckiest guy in the world and it doesn’t take a psychic to know that she means the world to our son.” -Esteban

“Chelly has exceeded my expectations as a Mother to Zayden. Her love and patience for Zayden is beyond words. She not only has shown her growth and strength as a great mother by living every moment of her life for her precious son but her faith in God has given her so much perseverance to be the best Mother and person that she can be.” – Carolina

Being a mother to a toddler can be trying, filling in as a motherly figure is completely at your discretion, taking on so many responsibilities can be overwhelming, and being a new mom is like riding all of the rides at Six Flags at the same time.

I wasn’t able to get in contact with someone to write something for the women below, but I wanted to include them in this post for my own reasons because they are admirable, too.

Martina, I have told you time and time again, but Karsyn is so lucky to have such a strong woman as a mother. God could not have given her a better role model to look up to and aspire to be. You make it look so effortless because you never let your stress outshine your personality. I am so proud of you and so are all of your friends.

Heather, KUDOS for how well you’re doing with your breastfeeding. You told me that you hoped you were as successful as I was… Pssh! GIRL! You are kicking ass! I admire how dedicated you are to it. You seem to really enjoy being motherhood and it fits you quite well. Enjoy your first mother’s day, beautiful!

Amber, your instagram photos tell me a story of what it’s really like to be a parent. Your pictures of Norah in tears, you taking a selfie because your hair looked good for what seemed to be the first time in ages, and capturing the first date you got to go on this weekend after giving birth to her. As another breastfeeding mama, I applaud you for keeping your sanity because EBF babies are SO demanding and I know it. You’re doing a great job. (PS- if Wes ever finds the message I sent asking for him to write something about you, it was for this post.)

As a child, my mom was the most important part of me, and now twentysomething years later, I am a mother myself and it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. From the scary first moments after the pregnancy test confirmed I was pregnant, to housing the girls in my uterus for 33 weeks, to finally bringing them home after two and a half weeks in the NICU and watching them thrive is beyond description. I could never express how special Violet and Olivia are to me. I hope each of you know how lucky your kids are to call you their mother.

Happy Mother’s Day, and for three of you, Happy FIRST Mother’s Day!





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