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Can I address something very near and dear to my heart?

Do you remember back in the nineties the advice we used to receive from our parents? “Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t wear clothing with your name on it. So help me if you aren’t home by the time the street lights come on without a call…” Right? Unfortunately, our society today calls for much more caution than it used to.

Please tell me why after twenty years we now think it’s totally acceptable to have everything monogrammed? Why on earth are parents checking in to their children’s schools when they’re having lunch with them? Are you aware that even though your profile may very well be “private” that the school is a public place and someone can easily find the school’s Facebook page, see your check in, and then click on your profile picture and immediately see your child’s picture as your cover photo?

You guys, not only are we over-sharing, but we are literally inviting strangers to come and find our babies if they wanted to. It’s scary. Human/child/sex trafficking isn’t a thing to be loosey-goosey with.

I just ask that you re-think how much you share on the internet with your following, that’s all. I see so many missing-child flyers circulating around on the internet and no parent should ever have to go through that. ❤


Two Bottomless Pits

I’m totally referring to my children, by the way. Two almost-two toddlers with stomachs that seem to have no end. I have friends ask me almost daily, “How do you get your girls to eat?”

Most of the people close to me know this, but if you’re new here or just visiting, I have a serious passion for cooking. I love it. It is the most sincerest form of love, and it’s the most expressive form of art to me. I haven’t cooked nearly as much as I did prior to having the girls, but people who truly “hate cooking” baffle me- it’s almost the equivalent to a dog not liking you- there’s just something not right about it. If you can look me in my face and tell me that you would much rather go pay for a fast food meal than make spaghetti, I will raise my eyebrows and my eyes will get really big, and I’ll just shake my head. Saying “it’s easier” is completely false because you have to load up the car, use gas to drive to the restaurant, and then pay around if not over $20 to feed your family one meal that isn’t nutritious at all, and because of that, isn’t fueling your body so you’ll be hungry within a couple of hours. With that twenty dollars you know what you could’ve purchased? Tortillas, a rotisserie chicken, and stuff to make spaghetti, including an onion that you can split between those two meals. That’s dinner, leftovers, and lunch the next day my friend.

I do have a few tips to encourage you and your kids to eat nutritious food, and these tips are things that I personally do that have proven successful for my family.

Buy good food: As a child I remember not really caring for a good majority of my meals, and now that I am an adult and in charge of what I eat, I know why. It’s not that my mom wasn’t a good cook, it’s she didn’t cook good food. Hamburger helper, spaghetti-o’s, boxed mashed potatoes, velveeta cheese, canned ravioli, canned anything really… cream of mushroom, pasta sauce in the glass jars- none of that sounds good to me as I write it out, and looking back on it, that’s exactly why I didn’t like any of it! That stuff is disgusting, and it’s not very hard to make any those things from scratch. Raviolis I’ll give you, it’s easier to buy those pre-made, especially if you’re a busy parent, but there are way better pre-made choices out on the market, and in today’s society, clean or organic food is much more affordable. We are on a budget, and we get SNAP. Guess what? SNAP pays for organic food.

Season your food: A lot of people advise against using seasoning when cooking for children and I agree to a certain extent. If I made pea puree for Violet and Olivia when they were six months, I wouldn’t add anything to it because they’re being introduced to the vegetables and their natural flavors, and I wouldn’t want to compromise them. If I give the girls peas at their age now, a year and a half after they first started eating them- yeah, I’m gonna spruce them up with some fresh garlic, some salt, and a smidge of butter. We don’t like food that’s bland, neither do our human children with human taste buds.

Empower your kids: find a plate or a set of utensils that excite your kids. If they are excited about their dinnerware they’re more inclined to be excited about the food that’s on it. For example, Violet and Olivia will NOT eat without a fork or a spoon. Even if their food doesn’t require utensils, like a PB&J sandwich, I don’t argue with them, I just let them stab at their sandwiches and pull them apart until they’re completely eaten.

Another way I empower my children is by letting them eat where they want. My aunt tried to tell me that my children “run” me, but they’re not even two yet. They’re curious. They see Erik and me eating on the couch or while standing up and watching TV, so they want to do it, too. They’re not at the age yet where I can explain the whole, “I’m the parent you’re the child” rule, but they are at the age where they get easily upset if they don’t understand why I’m frustrated or telling them not to do something, so I just let them eat where they’re happy as long as it isn’t too messy. Anything messy calls for the high chairs. (Soups, sauces, etc.)

Here is a list of things that are not only affordable, but tasty, and easy to prepare:
Applesauce pouches (yes, there are stories floating around about mold, just use your judgement. We LOVE Tree Top or HEB brand)
Bagged apples or oranges, sometimes you can find variety fruit bags
Potatoes/sweet potatoes, peeled and boiled or peeled and baked until tender
Zucchini, cut into “fries” and baked
Broccoli, roasted with olive oil, salt, and pepper
Corn on the cob, coated in Kerrygold butter, sprinkled with salt, pepper, and chile powder, wrapped and roasted in foil for 30 mins. Eat right off the cob.
Canned beans rinsed, alone in snack cup or mixed into cheese quesadilla on corn tortilla
Rotisserie chicken, shredded, alone or also added to quesadilla
Steamable bags of veggies, unseasoned. Kroger has a TON to choose from that are all around $1 a bag. I like adding a can of beans to these veggies in their snack cups and letting them snack throughout the day on them. Good source of iron and protein.
Roasted carrots with garlic or raw carrots with greek yogurt + ranch seasoning
Annie’s brand of Mac & Cheese or finger snacks
Cheerios/Honey Nut cheerios

My point: We get by on tons of fruits and veggies. Pooping is NOT an issue in my household.

**fruits and veggies have water soluble sugar, this sugar is not the same as the refined sugar found in processed foods, so please don’t think there’s a similarity between the two**

I hope you found some inspiration, and just know that it takes patience to get picky kids to eat. Ask your children why they don’t like certain things and what you can do to help them acquire the taste for the foods they lack. Usually it’s just a matter of preparation and that can easily be resolved.








Journey Onward, my Friends.

Almost one year ago I was really internally struggling with who I was. I had two babies and I hadn’t completed college, and to this day I still have absolutely zero desire to do so… I loved the idea of becoming an IBCLC because I am really passionate about breastfeeding, but I’ve had way too many friends and relatives admit to me that breastfeeding “was just too hard” and I don’t want to blatantly roll my eyes in a struggling mom’s face while thinking, “dude, this is a fucking commitment here. You’re either in or you’re out” because those emotions would definitely be plastered on my face and not everybody (especially a hormonal mama) can handle that bluntness. I started this blog in hopes of landing some kind of gig or writing career but shortly after I launched this site, I was introduced to the earth-shattering reality that we are poisoning ourselves, our loved ones, and our pets every single day when we use most of the affordable household products we have been using all of our lives- and most of the blogs I follow promote that shit for income. I get it, but that’s just not me. I don’t like the idea of promoting something just for a paycheck. I also felt like I had way more ideas than I’ve actually written out, and that’s because who the heck am I to give advice? We are all just mamas trying to make it out here, you feel me?

I went to my first book signing ever out in the River Oaks area last Tuesday. I was tagged in a post on Facebook where the Oola Guys had announced they were coming to Houston, and I was determined to go. I have been trying to get into oola, find my oola… and I know, you’re like, “Brittany, what the hell is oola?” And I am SO glad you asked, because until the book signing, I wasn’t really sure. I had no idea how to answer that question one week ago. I knew it involved being balanced, and that’s definitely something I lack, and I knew it involved setting goals and dreaming big, but I didn’t really understand what exactly “oola” meant, so I pre-ordered the Oola for Women book and it was delivered the day it released to the public and made sure I was at that book signing to hear about it first hand.

At Barnes & Noble, I not only met the Oola Guys, Dr. Troy Amdahl and Dr. Dave Braun, but I heard their stories and I learned exactly what their mission was: helping everybody find AND get to a state of bliss. Everything is going right for you, nothing is wrong in your world… and if you set small goals that equate to big dreams over time, you can easily get to your state of bliss and enjoy your life to the fullest capacity.

The other evening my cousin called me and she said to me, “I just wanted to call you and tell you that you’re beautiful. You’re so positive and uplifting and inspiring, and I just think you should know that,” all I could do was smile. I was successfully shaping into the person I am trying to become and that phone call proved it.

This journey I have been on this last year has really shown me who I truly am, and at this moment in my life I can fully embrace the fact that I think you’re dumb if you have the mentality, “why change it up now?” You know why? Because there’s always something better out there, and you’re totally capable of finding it, whether that be a job that fulfills your soul [holla!], a house that doesn’t require a HOA payment, or a circle of friends who inspire and uplift you rather than drag you down with their negativity and toxic bullshit. You’re totally in control of your exposure to life and the level of enjoyment you receive from it. Stop complaining and figure out what’s holding you back.

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