During my pregnancy, I went over to my aunt’s house and on her bar was the Young Living Bamboo diffuser, misting lovely smelling particles into the air. “What’s this?” I asked. My uncle started talking a little bit about the essential oils they used, and I left their house wondering what they could do for me. In June 2016, he made a surprise visit to my house with my aunt and gifted me the oils you see above. The only two original bottles he actually gave me are Tea Tree and Forgiveness oil; the rest are repurchases!
Upon giving me the oils, he also gave me an Essential Oil Pocket Reference by Life Science Publishing, which lists all of the oils Young Living carries, their origins, how they’re distilled, and how to use them most effectively. I immediately started flipping through the personal usage directory to see what all the oils he gave me were good for and how I could use them. September 2016 I officially became a Young Living member by purchasing my Premium Starter Kit.

In the starter kit you get 11 oils, a medical grade diffuser that comes with a one year warranty, 2 Ningxia Red packets (which is insanely generous- look up Ningxia Red!), as well as samples to give out to friends and family members to share how awesome and potent the oils are. The oils are absolutely the purest essential oils on this planet and because of that, they have infinite uses. Gary Young is the pioneer of essential oil harvesting, cultivating, and distillation, and he does it in such an honest, generous, and transparent way. These are definitely the only oils and natural-derived products I will use for as long as I live, because yes, Young Living has EVERY. SINGLE. PART. OF. YOUR. WELLNESS. IN. MIND. Even your pets!

Here we are, March 2017, and I have never felt more empowered than I do right now about my family’s health and wellness. You know in those movies where there’s a bookcase covering a secret door that leads to something mesmerizing? That’s what my starter kit was for me. It opened a door to a world I would never have been introduced to otherwise. Since becoming oily, I have read so many books and articles, and I have been introduced to Facebook groups full of like minded people who want to take control of their lives, and I have also been given the ability to connect with people extremely successful within Young Living, and they truly exude the purpose and abundance this company brings to so many people’s lives.

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