Journey Onward, my Friends.

Almost one year ago I was really internally struggling with who I was. I had two babies and I hadn’t completed college, and to this day I still have absolutely zero desire to do so… I loved the idea of becoming an IBCLC because I am really passionate about breastfeeding, but I’ve had way too many friends and relatives admit to me that breastfeeding “was just too hard” and I don’t want to blatantly roll my eyes in a struggling mom’s face while thinking, “dude, this is a fucking commitment here. You’re either in or you’re out” because those emotions would definitely be plastered on my face and not everybody (especially a hormonal mama) can handle that bluntness. I started this blog in hopes of landing some kind of gig or writing career but shortly after I launched this site, I was introduced to the earth-shattering reality that we are poisoning ourselves, our loved ones, and our pets every single day when we use most of the affordable household products we have been using all of our lives- and most of the blogs I follow promote that shit for income. I get it, but that’s just not me. I don’t like the idea of promoting something just for a paycheck. I also felt like I had way more ideas than I’ve actually written out, and that’s because who the heck am I to give advice? We are all just mamas trying to make it out here, you feel me?

I went to my first book signing ever out in the River Oaks area last Tuesday. I was tagged in a post on Facebook where the Oola Guys had announced they were coming to Houston, and I was determined to go. I have been trying to get into oola, find my oola… and I know, you’re like, “Brittany, what the hell is oola?” And I am SO glad you asked, because until the book signing, I wasn’t really sure. I had no idea how to answer that question one week ago. I knew it involved being balanced, and that’s definitely something I lack, and I knew it involved setting goals and dreaming big, but I didn’t really understand what exactly “oola” meant, so I pre-ordered the Oola for Women book and it was delivered the day it released to the public and made sure I was at that book signing to hear about it first hand.

At Barnes & Noble, I not only met the Oola Guys, Dr. Troy Amdahl and Dr. Dave Braun, but I heard their stories and I learned exactly what their mission was: helping everybody find AND get to a state of bliss. Everything is going right for you, nothing is wrong in your world… and if you set small goals that equate to big dreams over time, you can easily get to your state of bliss and enjoy your life to the fullest capacity.

The other evening my cousin called me and she said to me, “I just wanted to call you and tell you that you’re beautiful. You’re so positive and uplifting and inspiring, and I just think you should know that,” all I could do was smile. I was successfully shaping into the person I am trying to become and that phone call proved it.

This journey I have been on this last year has really shown me who I truly am, and at this moment in my life I can fully embrace the fact that I think you’re dumb if you have the mentality, “why change it up now?” You know why? Because there’s always something better out there, and you’re totally capable of finding it, whether that be a job that fulfills your soul [holla!], a house that doesn’t require a HOA payment, or a circle of friends who inspire and uplift you rather than drag you down with their negativity and toxic bullshit. You’re totally in control of your exposure to life and the level of enjoyment you receive from it. Stop complaining and figure out what’s holding you back.

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