Check this out.

Can I address something very near and dear to my heart?

Do you remember back in the nineties the advice we used to receive from our parents? “Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t wear clothing with your name on it. So help me if you aren’t home by the time the street lights come on without a call…” Right? Unfortunately, our society today calls for much more caution than it used to.

Please tell me why after twenty years we now think it’s totally acceptable to have everything monogrammed? Why on earth are parents checking in to their children’s schools when they’re having lunch with them? Are you aware that even though your profile may very well be “private” that the school is a public place and someone can easily find the school’s Facebook page, see your check in, and then click on your profile picture and immediately see your child’s picture as your cover photo?

You guys, not only are we over-sharing, but we are literally inviting strangers to come and find our babies if they wanted to. It’s scary. Human/child/sex trafficking isn’t a thing to be loosey-goosey with.

I just ask that you re-think how much you share on the internet with your following, that’s all. I see so many missing-child flyers circulating around on the internet and no parent should ever have to go through that. ❤